Free The Verse – Let’s Move On

Let’s Move On


This is a video of Free The Verse performing an original composition – titled ‘Let’s Move On‘ – at Akshara Theater during our event, An Artsy Evening, which was held on 15th of April, 2017. You may ask what’s special about this song, so hold your breath while we tell you – the song was composed impromptu and on-the-go while our trio was on stage. This video was recorded live.

The trio of performers here includes Amogh Hassija on the Cajon, Manan Rishi Aneja on the guitar, and Aditya Bhandari on the Harmonica.


Manan Rishi Aneja is a vocalist with a penchant for playing any form of guitar. He has been dabbling in music since the age of 10, and has composed many original songs – including scores for a few unique YouTube Web Series. He is a regular performer at some of the most respected music venues and clubs in Delhi.

Amogh Hassija plays the Tabla and the Cajon, and is also a theatre enthusiast.

Aditya Bhandari is a spoken word artist, a multi-instrumentalist, an entrepreneur, and an activist who likes to live for and around art. He is also the founder of Free The Verse.


Free The Verse is a community of performing artists who work together to create more performing opportunities for musicians, spoken word poets, stand-up comedians and visual artists, and bring the unique talents of the country’s youth to public places.

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