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At Free The Verse, no event is complete without a jam session and some music. The very essence of our endeavours is to foster the arts and to help them bloom amongst the youth, and we make sure we set all our efforts to the tune of something beautiful.
We believe in experimentation, and the music we curate this way is a fusion of both styles and instrumentation. We mix merry melodies with thoughtful and thought-provoking compositions. Always aiming to decorate time and memory with something enriching and enjoyable.

The Artists

True to the creative spirit, our artists – including but not limited to the very talented Manan Rishi Aneja, Amogh Hassija, Sagar Verma and Aditya Bhandari – often perform impromptu, crafting their tunes as they play. Pieces such as ‘Let’s Move On’ – which took shape during our show at Akshara Theatre and was a hit amongst the audience – are testimony to the effortless enjoyment we partake in while making music. It is a learning experience for everyone involved.
Free The Verse
Let’s Move On
The instruments and implementations we use add character to what we do. Two very different kinds of drums lend their beat to all compositions. The Cajón – a box drum originating from Peru which produces music you can literally sit on; and the classical South Asian Tabla, compel people into tapping feet in unison.
Pleasant vibrations – power-packed on some occasions, soulful and earthly on others – emnate from the guitar and carry emotions to and fro the crowd.
To top it all off, the harmonica adds the jazz, the blues and the bubbles of joy to this unfailingly touching and cathartic concoction of sound.

The Sound

Our sound is always evolving, and we keep learning from our audience, guest performers and critics. All the experiences, experiments and symphonies add up to provide a wholesome, refreshing feel, every time.
This is Free The Verse. This is what we stand for.
No matter what you put into it, music always tastes sweet. We are all about bringing out unique flavours to our audiences, and so we put our heart and soul in, every time.

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By Vartika Rastogi

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