Manan Rishi Aneja – “Baaghi” | Free The Verse

Manan Rishi Aneja – Baaghi

Baaghi is an original masterpiece composed and performed by Manan Rishi Aneja for the Free The Verse: March Munchies Event. The song takes one on a melodious journey in discovery of our selves in the midst of everything, and makes us think about finding our real purpose in existing the way we do, and makes us want to figure out what we really feel love towards.


Manan Rishi Aneja is a vocalist with a penchant for playing any form of guitar. He has been dabbling in music since the age of 10, and has composed many original songs – including scores for a few unique YouTube Web Series. He is a regular performer at some of the most respected music venues and clubs in Delhi.

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