TEDx: Free The Verse Live

Free The Verse at TEDx BVCOE


Hearts are combustible. A spark is all that it takes to ignite them, set them aflame and spread the heat, but keep in mind that energy is neither created, nor destroyed. Energy is constantly fighting to tip our hearts to the edge, and the performers for Free The Verse unleashed all their energy on stage at a TEDx event held recently in New Delhi.

Our talk was given at a TEDx event which used the TED conference format but was independently organized by a local community. This was recorded at TEDxBVCOE, and inclused performances in Slam Poetry and Experimental Fusion Music by  Aditya Bhandari, Shibani Das, Aastha Singh Raghuvanshi, Sagar Verma, Manan Rishi Aneja and Amogh Hassija for Free The Verse.


Free the Verse is a community organisation of musicians, spoken word poets, stand-up comics, visual artists and people-with-things-to-say who are looking for a place to say them. We work together to create more performing opportunities for musicians, spoken word poets, stand-up comedians and visual artists, and bring the unique talents of the country’s youth to public places.

Do attend our upcoming shows and share our videos.

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